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    Update on the Town Hall Square and Horse Chestnut Tree

    30 June 2021

    30th June 2021 – FEC appreciates there has been much interest in the plans for the horse chestnut tree and we are pleased to share an update having liaised closely with all parties involved. Ardmore, together with FEC, has taken all necessary steps to carefully consider the ecological and local amenity value of the horse chestnut tree on Hornsey Town Hall Square. We can now confirm that Ardmore’s proposal to fell the tree has been withdrawn in favour of retaining it in the short-to-medium term by pruning the crown.

    Following two reports by an independent environmental consultant, Phlorum, who surveyed the tree in January 2019 and February 2021, Ardmore submitted an application to fell the tree. This was in line with the arboriculturist’s recommendation to remove and replace it with a new tree, such as a Red Oak, which would have greater potential longevity, remove the potential risk of future branch failure and ensure the safety of the public using the Town Hall Square.

    We have since reviewed the application to fell the tree with the council’s arboriculturist and agreed to submit an alternative proposal to retain the tree and prolong its life. The tree’s diseased area will be initially removed, to minimise the risk to the public and monitored. The tree reports indicate that further pruning is likely to be required due to the condition of the tree. It should be noted that the pruning of the tree will impact both the visual appearance and its environmental benefit, however, if well maintained, the tree could potentially survive a further ten years.

    FEC in consultation with Ardmore will update the community on further news on the horse chestnut tree as it becomes available and the Town Hall Square as works progress.

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