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    HTH Construction Steering Group Minutes – 20 July 2022

    Hornsey Town Hall Construction Steering Group November 2020
    18 August 2022


    Phil Briscoe (SEC Newgate UK) Chair (PB)
    Laura Griffiths (SEC Newgate UK) Secretary (LG)
    Scott Lau (Far East Consortium) (SL)
    Angela Walsh (Far East Consortium) (AW)
    Paul Botten (Ardmore Construction) (PB)
    Katy Ghahremani (Make Architects) (KG)
    Andrew Major (Time & Space Co.) (AM)
    Cllr Lester Buxton (Haringey Council) (LB)
    Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison (Haringey Council) (LCH)
    Sam Uff (Haringey Council) (SU)
    Mark Afford (Crouch End Conservation Area Advisory Committee) (MA)
    Amanda Carrara (Crouch End Festival) (AC)
    Lewis Freeman (Crouch End Traders) (LF)
    Graeme Jennings (Hornsey Town Hall Trust) (GJ)
    Susan Cooper (Resident Representative) (SC)
    Miranda Pattinson (Resident Representative) (MP)
    Lewis Freeman (Crouch End Traders) (LF)


    Joe Pitt (Ardmore Construction) (JP)
    Cllr Cressida Johnson (Haringey Council) (CJ)
    Robbie McNaugher (Haringey Council) (RM)
    Liz Sich (Hornsey Town Hall Trust) (LS)
    Paul Toyne (Resident Representative) (PT)

    Apologies for absence

    Apologies were taken from CJ, RM, JP, LS and PT.

    Attendance and introductions

    PB took a roll call of attendees.

    Approval of previous meeting minutes

    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

    Town Hall Square update

    The green has been turfed and snagged with the final handover to FEC shortly. Ardmore are to hand the documentation over in the next week which should be a quick process.

    AC asked for a more precise timeframe with SL explaining that there would be a review period of the documentation and how the operations would work. The length of the review and handover period would be determined by the level information received.

    LCH asked if the green line went up to the fence line which SL confirmed. AW stated that FEC wants to open the green asap and believe it could be opened later in the summer. However, this was subject to documentation being submitted by Ardmore and the appropriate planning approval.

    MA asked about the illuminated bollards which KG confirmed are still coming.

    LCH then asked about the pizza restaurant with SL saying that there was a planning meeting about the application.

    GJ followed up with this and asked about the planning implications and whether the veranda is paused.

    SL explained that the application was being discussed with planning in terms of the work impacts. LCH then asked if the landowners were supportive with SL stating that they were working together to find a solution.

    KG then provided a presentation about the seating of the Town Hall Square which also looked at the public consultation for the seating.

    KG explained that there was a retractable awning at the square annex but the west wing would not have an awning. KG also explained that the red lights in her presentation were tall lights.

    MA asked about the drawing and what would happen next and whether FEC would object to the planning application. AW stated that they were working together to come up with a solution.

    GJ asked about the awning and pergola and what would happen in permanent columns are installed.

    SL said that a suggestion had been made about a retractable awning.

    LCH asked what would happen in terms of managing a spill out. SL explained that there were planters with the tables set in place in such a way that there is adequate space on both sides.

    AC said about there being a tight gap between the left hand side of the square to the further part of the square. KG said this was approximately 4m in total.

    GJ raised concerns about people walking down with planters in the way. However, there should be no planters in the way. MA raised the public access plan and street furniture plan and asked if there was flexibility to make it work.

    Event space was discussed within the town square up with AW explaining they want to encourage businesses to use the event space and AM stating that operators were looking at both indoor and outdoor space.

    AC asked how we communicate the information as a group with MA suggesting following the live planning application.

    LCH asked if an amendment could be included. SL said they would be speaking to the planning and agree a strategy.

    SU said the size is likely to be reduce but either a formal or informal consultation could be held but a fixed time was not agreed.

    LCH asked which unit the outside seating would be over with AW confirming it would be Fatto A Mano.

    GJ asked what the plan would be about the seating with KG saying she would like the green to be open and see how it goes and take it from there.

    LCH asked if needed, could the seating be changed with KG confirm that it would be looked at.

     Restoration update

    KG said that the historic lights have completed their refurbishment and the bollards are in procurement.

    PaB said the timber panelling will be in the assembly hall soon with the panelling being checked with Historic England and there will be brand new historic fabric. The second glazing of spill out noise is also currently underway.

    MA asked about the council chambers which PaB explained was the same process re the panelling and substructure. KG stated that all the materials had been procured.

    KG said that the horseshoe ceiling was underway with SL noting the impressive ceiling and Assembly Hall SL said that they were working on ducting with lots of work being exposed now.

    PaB spoke about the old heaters which will be installed but only used for visual appearance.

    Programme Update

    The restoration and programme update were a blended conversation where LCH asked about the site tour from top to bottom as part of a staggered handover before opening.

    PaB said that the hotel would be open before other spaces. SL said online booking would be opening shortly Ardmore are currently completing the hotel.

    AM said that Time and Space will soon be sending the fit-out tender out for contractors with the Assembly Hall being the last thing fitted.

    GJ asked about the hotel bookings with SL stating that the fit-out period would likely be in the first quarter of 2023.

    AC asked when people could see the town hall upon completion with SL suggesting it would likely be the second quarter of 2023. However, this would need to be confirmed by Ardmore and Time and Space fit out works.

    MA asked about a soft opening with AW stating that this would not be before Christmas. AM said that if contractors can work together, it’ll be quicker.

    SL explained that the safer routes will be done the same as last time.

    AC asked how we can give information out to the public re opening.

    AW acknowledged that there had been issues regarding the information for the opening. AW mentioned about a time lapse for the photos being taken in addition to people going to the marketing suites who have questions about the site.

    LCH asked if there could be displays on the green of the photos so residents can see what is going on and whether there can be an occasion to celebrate this.

    SL explained to the CSG that the green was opening early in the context of the programme with AM also saying that the Assembly Hall would be fitted out with the same general contractors as the rest of the building but have specialist contractors for the historical elements.


    AM spoke on this item and said that they had looked back at the timeline which stipulated that the CUASG had to start six months before opening. With this is mind they were looking towards the end of the year.

    MA asked about the definitions of the CUASG based on the conversations from last meeting with AM saying that there has been a bit of discussion behind the scenes about how wide ranging the definitions were. AM then explained that there was a definition for charity and NFP that could be viewed to be too restrictive so the CUASG would need to take a pragmatic approach.

    AM said there were looking at the definition of commercial and non-commercial rates also.

    MA asked if the steering group would be able to sign it off with AM confirming this based on accountability.

    GJ said that there would be strict guidance on public use because of management duties and it needs to be a balanced group of people. GJ also wanted to make sure that free at the point of entry was upheld.

    LCH asked if an agreement was part of the application which AM confirmed to be the case. MA said it formed part of the lease.

    AM explained to the CSG that the community use and community access were coloured coded on the plans but required changes.

    LCH asked if they had engaged with the appropriate council team yet with AM said they had not engaged yet but have been in touch.

    AM said that the CUASG would be in the form of ward councillors, two community groups and landlords with an education and skills representative from the council.

    LCH suggested to AM to pre-empt this with a strategy plan.

    MA asked if there could be a community use plan with planning conditions for example if FEC sell the lease with LCH querying about new applications. GJ said it would be a very minor issue.

    GJ and AM both said that the agreement was complex with AM contemplating the CUASG having a good dry run to pin the rules of engagement.


    Raised by LD ahead of the meeting, the question about a Christmas tree was raised as was the menorah.

    AC asked where the location of the Christmas tree pit was as she said it was a metre from the memorial. However, KG said it would be dependent on the diameter of the tree and stated that the pit has not been done yet.

    LCH asked if the location of the menorah could be considered too.

    LD asked how the Christmas tree would be funded with AW explaining that FEC will be considering it at a later date.

    AC asked about the status of the birch trees at the Library Square and whether they were dead. LCH explained that one of the trees blew over in the storm so was in a poorer state than the other.

    KG stated that one tree was in poorer health than the other tree but they just needed watering in order to be healthier again.

    Date of next meeting

    PB said the date of the next meeting would be in September of this year and agreed with SU and MA for public highways to be included on the next agenda.


    The email from RM about public highways was requested to be circulated and MA asked about the fire escape too.

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