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    Hornsey Town Hall Construction Steering Group February 2020

    Hornsey Town Hall Construction Steering Group February 2020
    26 February 2020

    Meeting Minutes:
    Wednesday 26th February 2020, 6:00pm


    BP Beth Park (Newington Communications) Chair
    TC Tom Court (Newington Communications) Secretary
    AC Amanda Carrara (Crouch End Festival)
    AM Andrew Major (The Time + Space Co.)
    AW Angela Walsh (Far East Consortium)
    CA Chris Arnold (Crouch End Festival)
    CC Chris Currer (Crouch End Festival)
    CS Charlie Sharp (Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum)
    DB Cllr Dawn Barnes (Haringey Council)
    GJ Graeme Jennings (Hornsey Town Hall Trust)
    JP Joe Pitt (Ardmore)
    MA Mark Afford (Crouch End Conservation Area Advisory Committee)
    MP Miranda Pattinson (Resident Representative)
    NP Nick Poon (Far East Consortium)
    NS Neil Simon (Haringey Council)
    PR Piers Read (The Time + Space Co.)
    RK Regine Kandan (Make Architects)
    SC Susan Cooper (Resident Representative)
    SK Sharon Kean (Weston and Haringey Parks’ Resident Association)
    TP Cllr Tammy Palmer (Haringey Council)


    Phil Briscoe (Newington Comms)
    Caroline Clayton (Western and Haringey Parks’ Residents Association)
    Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison (Haringey Council)
    Eilish Kwai (Ardmore)
    Ruth Selig (Weston and Haringey Parks’ Resident Association)
    Sanj Sivarajah (Resident Representative)
    Kathy Smith (Weston and Haringey Parks’ Residents Association)


    1 – Welcome and introductions

    1.1 BP introduced herself as Chair of the Hornsey Town Hall Construction Steering Group (CSG), in Phil Briscoe’s absence.

    1.2 BP reminded attendees of the group’s purpose and the differences between the CSG and the Community Use and Access Steering Group (CUASG), which will come into effect further down the line, once the site is closer to becoming operational.

    1.3 Attendees introduced themselves for the benefit of newer members, including two new resident representatives.

    1.4 BP gave notice of apologies of those unable to attend the meeting.

    2 – Update from Joe Pitt, Ardmore Construction

    2.1 JP detailed that work is ongoing to place metal vibrationless sheet piles into the ground around the construction site. This will significantly limit the potential for vibrations to be felt outside the site boundary.

    2.2 JP stated that it would be a week until work commences on Block A. In regards to Block B, agreements are still yet to be made with BT.

    2.3 JP detailed that discussions are still ongoing with the library, which is also being redeveloped. These take place on a weekly basis and so far have been very positive.

    2.4 In regards to the mews area, JP detailed that construction is also going very well. The team is currently focussed on piling operations, with concrete piles going in the ground.

    2.5 JP stated preparations to take down walls in the Town Hall are about to start. They are relatively old, and will be easier to take down.

    2.6 JP discussed basement works and stated that drainage will take place in the next four to six weeks. However, meetings are set to take place with English Heritage and Haringey Council first, as replacing materials that have suffered water damage requires extensive scrutiny.

    2.7 JP concluded by stating that all works were going as planned.

    2.8 BP thanked JP for his update and opened the floor for any questions.

    2.9 SK stated that she had heard an alarm going off on site and enquired with JP as to why this was happening.

    2.10 JP responded he expected that recent windy weather may have triggered some alarms. JP said he would fully investigate why they were going off.

    2.11 CA asked if there was a community hotline that residents can use if there are any issues. JP stated the construction team’s phone number is advertised on the site hoardings at Hatherley Gardens and in the newsletters they issue to residents. Newington also features their telephone number in the Hornsey Town Hall newsletter, which is issued quarterly.

    2.12 TP suggested Ardmore explain to residents what the alarms are for so as not to worry them. She suggested Ardmore could put a public notice on site hoardings. JP said he would look into this.

    2.13 CA asked the developers to post information via social media (Facebook).

    2.14 BP stated information can be found on the Hornsey Town Hall website, including minutes of Construction Steering Group meetings. However, she would be willing to discuss the use of other platforms with the project team (FEC, Ardmore, The Time + Space Co. and Make Architects). AW stated that the team would look at the overall communications outreach.

    2.15 MP asked JP if the development timeline was on track. JP stated everything was going smoothly and the 2021 completion date was still on target. AC asked if that was the date for 100% completion and JP stated everything is envisioned to be completed by November 2021.

    2.16 SK and AC asked where residents can view project updates. BP stated updates are included in the newsletters and online.

    2.17 CA asked when The Time + Space’s works will be completed. AM stated they are targeting the same completion time as Ardmore. All of their planning and preparations are based on finishing within the next eighteen months.

    2.18 DB asked if there was an “out of hours” telephone number for residents. JP referred DB to the 0300 number advertised on hoardings and in Ardmore’s newsletter covering construction. The newsletter also features an email address residents can use.

    2.19 BP stated the Hornsey Town Hall community newsletter features Newington’s telephone number and email address. DB asked if these newsletters could also be delivered to the Council offices for distribution to local people.

    2.20 CA asked how many newsletters are issued, and JP replied that newsletters were sent out in two batches that roughly come to a circulation of 600. TP asked where the newsletters get delivered to. JP stated they are delivered to selected streets immediately neighbouring the site. He agreed to distribute the newsletter circulation area, so as to make sure that all relevant residents are included.

    2.21 BP stated quarterly community newsletter goes to around 4,000 addresses, and an address radius has been circulated but would be happy to do so again.

    2.22 CA asked if the newsletter could be sent via email. BP stated that the last newsletter was issued with the CSG minutes and the same can be done next time.

    3 – Update from Nick Poon, FEC

    3.1 NP stated the Construction Steering Group members had previously expressed they wished to see the restoration works at the Town Hall documented. He stated a local photographer has been employed to capture these progressions.

    3.2 CA asked if there would be a video of the works but AW cited issues of practicality and safety, particularly with asbestos removal ongoing.

    3.3 CA asked who the local photographer was. AW stated Dan Bridges had been employed.

    3.4 AC asked if clips of the restoration could be produced and if residents could help raise the funds to do so, citing the high interest around the redevelopment JP reiterated that safety and practicality needs to be fully considered.

    4 – Theme in Focus: Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre

    4.1 AM and PR introduced themselves as working for The Time + Space Co, who are the Art Centre operators.

    4.2 AM detailed what is envisioned for the centre, including upgrading and restoring the communal areas.

    4.3 AM explained that the Assembly Hall would become the main performance area, and will have the capability of putting on a vast array of shows and productions. A sound recording studio would be included in the Supper Room rather than the Assembly Hall.

    4.4 AM stated both the Council Chamber and Committee Room will be restored and will be suitable for hosting a range of corporate and community events.

    4.5 Several group members asked what the level of provision for the community would be. AM stated that apart from the dedicated space for operators such as the hotel, all of the remaining space is to be dedicated to community use other than the Hornsey Work co-working space.

    4.6 Several group members asked whether certain features would be included as part of the Arts Centre, such as green room space and theatre rigging. AM confirmed that these features would be delivered. He explained that the infrastructure, such as the lighting, will be put in place by Ardmore and that the team are currently working with event consultants to ensure that everything is done correctly.

    4.7 TP asked who ultimately decides which groups are in the most need of the spaces provided. She stated that the project team should seek to reassure residents that community assets won’t be lost.

    4.8 PR stated that there is a Community Use Agreement in place, which The Time + Space Co. sees as a positive addition as many people want to use the Hall for many different reasons.

    4.9 AM added that the team will be organising some small community events over the summer months.

    4.10 BP reiterated that the purpose of the CSG meetings is to discuss construction matters and that the conversation on the use of the Arts Centre will be opened up even further once the CUASG comes into effect.

    5 – Dates of next meetings

    5.1 BP stated that the next meeting would take place next month (March); however a date is to be confirmed with FEC. The next meeting will be the last monthly meeting, before the meetings move to a bi-monthly occurrence.

    5.2 SK asked if everyone’s contact details could be shared amongst the members. AW responded that this might not be possible because of issues related to GDPR.

    5.3 BP added that the next community newsletter will be delivered in March, and that the team will ask people what they want to be addressed and included as a priority.

    6 – Any other business

    6.1 GJ informed the group that Hornsey Town Hall Trust is hosting an event on 25.03.20 entitled “Restoring Hornsey Town Hall”.

    6.2 BP said that if anyone wished to contact her or the team, she would be happy to receive their emails.

    6.3 BP thanked attendees and closed the meeting.

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