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    HTH Construction Steering Group Minutes – 14 October 2021

    13 January 2022


    Beth Park (SEC Newgate UK) Chair (BP)
    Phil Briscoe (SEC Newgate UK) (PB)
    Mark Afford (Crouch End Conservation Area Advisory Committee) (MA)
    Alison Boulter (Far East Consortium) (AB)
    Amanda Carrara (Crouch End Festival) (AC)
    Susan Cooper (Resident Representative) (SC)
    Chris Currer (Crouch End Festival) (CC)
    Lewis Freeman (Crouch End Traders) (LF)
    Katy Ghahremani (Make Architects) (KG)
    Scott Lau (Far East Consortium) (SL)
    Andrew Major (Time & Space Co.) (AM)
    Cllr Tammy Palmer (Haringey Council) (TP)
    Miranda Pattinson (Resident Representative) (MP)
    Joe Pitt (Ardmore Construction) (JP)
    Nick Poon (Far East Consortium) (NP)
    Liz Sich (Hornsey Town Hall Trust) (LS)
    Angela Walsh (Far East Consortium) (AW)



    Cllr Dawn Barnes (Haringey Council) (DB)
    Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison (Haringey Council) (LCH)
    Graeme Jennings (Hornsey Town Hall Trust) (GJ)
    Benjamin Lesser (Hornsey Town Hall Trust) (GJ)
    Charlie Sharp (CENF) (CS)
    Paul Toyne (Resident Representative) (PT)

    1 – Apologies

    1.1 Apologies were received from DB, LCH, GJ, BL, CS, PT.

    2. Attendance and introductions

    2.1 BP did a roll call of attendees and introduced the meeting.

    2.2 BP also informed members that the meeting would be recorded..

    3. Approval of previous meeting minutes

    3.1 The minutes of the meeting on 3rd June 2021 were approved by CC and seconded by LS.

     4. Update from Ardmore Construction

    4.1 JP gave an overview of the latest construction developments:

    4.2 Striking the scaffold on Block over the next 4-6 weeks, where the brickwork is almost complete and internally the flats are being fitted out and decorated in the north core. On Block B, the internal works are now at the drylining, screeding and electrical fit-out stage.

    4.3 The Mews houses are about to be decorated and about 60% flats above Pera Kitchen are around two weeks away from decoration.

    4.4 In the hotel, work is taking place on the first and second floors, with internal walls being constructed and work will shortly start on the lower ground floor.

    4.5 On the town hall itself, work is still underway to remove the damaged panels from the assembly hall. Work has been underway on the roof, and this is now at the last stage of repairing the damage and replacing the batons.

    4.6 CC asked about the Town Hall Square works and BP shared a presentation with a phasing plan. JP talked through the phasing and how the paving would be delivered north-to-south towards Barclays, where access would be flipped to then allow paving right up to the bank. JP also outlined the paving transition behind the bus stop and either side of the remembrance tree.

    4.7 AC asked about the Christmas tree and said she assumed that with no access this year, there would be no tree. JP explained that a tree should not be a problem and the phasing drawings had allowed for a tree. However, a discussion was needed on the shape and size of the tree, as there was a limit to the level of movement in that area.

    4.8 A decision from the Council is expected in the next three to four weeks. This would mean
    that a replacement tree could be installed around November. The intention remains to
    reopen the western parcel of the Town Hall Square in the Autumn; however, the area may
    initially be limited until the tree works are complete.

    4.9 BP acknowledged that this is a sensitive issue and people need to be kept informed. A
    newsletter updating the community will be distributed imminently. However, because the
    tree is located in a Conservation Area, it will be up to the Council to decide whether it
    should be replaced and the species it would be replaced with.

    4.8 CC added that Crouch End Festival had been planning on the basis of there being no tree this year and while they are not demanding it, they would certainly like one if space allowed. JP noted this and suggested a separate discussion to go through the detail.

    4.9 MA asked if the paving around the bus stop would be done, and JP confirmed that this area was not within the demise of the works. From discussions he has had with the Council, it is clear that there is an issue, and they can’t just leave a step between the two sections. The contract work will leave a temporary knee rail, which the Council may wish to remove when they complete any works on the other side of the line.

    4.10 MA followed up to ask if the Council had given any undertaking to replace the paving on their land. JP said his understanding was based on older and historical discussions that the Council were planning some works, but there had not been any specific discussions or confirmation.

    4.11 TP added that her role on this group was not represent the Council but to represent residents, However, she felt it should be enforced that a council officer attend all meetings to answer any such questions. She offered to pursue and ask some questions on this point.

    4.12 BP added that local updates would be promoted via a community newsletter in the coming weeks which would share the timeline for the works on the square, along with a CGI of the completed appearance. This information will also be shared across social media.

    4.13 BP also asked for an update on the horse chestnut tree and JP confirmed the tree had been pruned by 30% as agreed with the Council’s arboriculturist, but the tree needs to be managed going forward because of the previous branch failure.

    4.14 LS asked if the tree was now considered safe and JP confirmed that this would depend on the disease as pruning controls, but doesn’t get rid of it. Again, it would need to be monitored.

    4.15 AC suggested that the area around the bus stop is a mess, and one of the three benches has collapsed. If the Council are not made to do something to the area, then it will look even worse against the backdrop of the newly finished square.

    4.16 LS asked about the timescale for the square reopening and JP ran through the phasing and sequencing drawings, with an expected completion in the first quarter of 2022.

    4.17 LS asked if there was a specific date in Q1 and JP explained that with big impacts from material and labour shortages, there was a lot less certainty than previously, so he would rather not promise a fixed date and let everyone down.

    4.18 MA asked when the cycle stands would be installed and JP explained they were next to Barclays, so would be installed as part of that phase of paving.

    5. Date of Next Meeting

    5.1 BP explained that the next meeting would likely be in January 2022. Dates along with minutes from this meeting would be circulated in due course.


    6. Any Other Business

    6.1 CC asked JP if there might be any possibility of borrowing some equipment and expertise to support other possible Christmas activities. JP confirmed he would be happy to have a look if CC could send a list across on email.

    6.2 TP provided an update on Library Square, as it has been cordoned off for some time. There had been delays because of a problem with the council sourcing specialist paving, but they have secured emergency repairs from the corporate landlord and are working to have it open as soon as possible.

    6.3 LS asked about any updates on the restoration of the town hall. JP confirmed that the roof is nearly complete, around 90% of repairs and restoration to the façade (including windows, cornices etc) are complete and that externally, works are in the final phase. Internally, new panels are being made off-site to replace the water-damaged rotten ones currently being removed – while those panels are off, new electrics are being installed. Some of the stone and floor restoration work is underway but a lot of this will be done as sections of work complete and move around. Renovation has started on the old historical toilets and a lot of work is being undertaken offsite where replacement items such as lighting are being manufactured ready to install.

    AC asked if there was any chance of another site visit and look behind the scenes – a suggestion welcomed by other members. JP will consider but there are also Health & Safety considerations.

    6.4 MA asked if the cinema would be one or two screens and if the acoustics were sorted. JP confirmed that they were building a box for the cinema which would then be fitted out by a specialist contractor. However, the box itself would be acoustically treated, with the co-working space above. AM added that issues were being considered in the background and although acoustics were challenging, they had consultants looking at a number of solutions.

    6.5 CC suggested that as the opening draws closer, increasing the frequency of the CSG meetings and having shorter update meetings would help so that CSG members are ready to answer questions from local residents.

    6.6 AC asked if there was a date for the formation of the CUASG. AM confirmed that this would follow the construction and fit-out programme but that Time + Space Co. want to have concrete information in place for the group to start, which they hope will be before the end of the year. He is hoping to have a space in the old Pera Kitchen before the end of the year, open to the local community to come and find out more about what is happening.

    6.7 LS asked when the offices in Pera Kitchen would open and AW said it was still dependent on the lease with the Council, but the hope is that will be in place by next month.


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